About Summer Camp at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation

The H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation is located in Osceola Missouri. The reservation is 200 acres containing three camps: Lone Star, Sawmill, and Piercing Arrow. It is also home to the Osage Wilderness Trail. Visit the official H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation page for more information.

2018 Camp Dates: June 5 @ 8:00 am to June 14 @ 12:00 pm

We will be in Camp Lonestar, Campsite Pawnee.

Pre-Camp Checklist for Parents:

  1. All scouts and leaders attending camp need to Pay Camp Fees Online or by check. Final Payment $160 (Due April 3, 2018)
  2. All scouts and leaders attending camp must have the OFFICIAL BSA Health Form completed by a doctor. You will not be allowed on the bus to camp without a completed form!
  3. All leaders attending camp (full and part-time) must have current BSA Registration and completed the Youth Protection Training.
  4. Download the Summer Camp Checklist and start packing! Note items that are NOT allowed.
  5. Signup for emergency text alerts from HRB Scout Reservation. Subscribers of this free service will be sent severe weather or camp emergency updates to their mobile phone. Click here to register

If you have questions, contact 2018 Camp Scoutmaster, Scott Shorter ([email protected], 816.674.6674) or Scoutmaster Dave Safley.


  • TBD - Parent information meeting before the Monday night meeting; 6:15-6:50. Bring your questions!
  • April 30th - Final designs for t-shirts must be submitted to PLC!
  • May 8 - If a youth camper has special diet or other needs, download, complete & return the Youth Special Needs Form by this date (diet,  activity or other restrictions). If a adult leader plans to use a drone at camp, the drone permission request form must be completed.
  • May (date TBD) - Summer Camp leader meeting. Date, time & place TBD.
  • May 15 - Adult leaders attending camp must have YPT training completed and current BSA registration verified.
  • May 21 - Health forms should be completed and turned in to Noreen Zahner. Download the form here: Annual Health & Medical Record for Boy Scout Summer Camping & camping OVER 72 hours. All Scouts, Full-time Leaders and Part-time Leaders need a physical and the form completed. The 2014 health form is the current health form and ONLY this official form is accepted. Health forms ARE NOT accepted at the Council Service Center. Health forms are only good for ONE year. 
  • June 5th - Depart for Camp! Arrive at the circle with your gear and sack lunch.
  • June 10th - Visitors Day (info below.) Call night 8:00PM
  • TBD - Warrior Ceremony 8:30PM
  • June 14th - Return to KC. Arrive noon at Meyer Circle (or other location as construction will be underway)

Visitors Day Information

Visitors day is June 10th, the first weekend of camp. We suggest you plan to arrive between 10:00 and 11:00 am.Please plan your to depart from the campsite no later than 4:00 pm, as the boys will have evening activities to attend.  Every family is encouraged to attend. Parking at camp is limited therefore carpooling is strongly encouraged. 

Here's a map of the reservation, a map of Lonestar/Sawmill and directions to Bartle. Or visit the Google Map Directions.

Visitors day will have the usual potluck lunch. Details will follow from the Visitors Day coordinator. Food should be brought to camp in disposable containers. Due to the heat, please don’t leave dishes that contain mayonnaise or ingredients such as tuna out for more than a couple of hours and be sure to take that food home with you. Campers look forward to this day during their session because we all know that home-cooked food is much tastier than camp food. Do not bring extra food for your scout - it only attracts critters to the boys' tents.

Bring your lawn chairs. Expect the weather to be sunny, hot and humid. The camp is dusty and rocky, so wear your most comfortable shoes (sandals are not a good choice). Your son will want to show you where he spends his days and this requires considerable walking. 

Please do not bring pets to camp! Siblings are encouraged to attend.

If your Scout is a bit sad to see you leave, don’t delay – that only makes it harder for him (and you)! In most instances, within a very few minutes after you leave, your son will be off to another adventure and a fun filled evening. Your leaders are aware that departure time is sometimes difficult, so be ready to handle homesickness that might arise.

Contacting Your Scout

You might consider mailing a short note or a funny card to your Scout on the day before he leaves for camp so he will get some mail shortly after he arrives at camp. However, DO NOT TELL HIM ALL THE FUN YOU ARE HAVING WHILE HE IS GONE! Make your letter sound as if life is RATHER DULL AT HOME.

Bartle is a large place with hundreds of campers per session. Please do not call unless it is truly an emergency that cannot wait. Even then, it will be some time before the message can be delivered, and a return call placed back to you. Phones can be a source of homesickness. Should your Scout call home, we suggest you give him encouragement that you want him to stay and have a great camping experience.

Here's the Mailing Address:

Full Name, Troop 118
Camp Lone Star, Campsite Pawnee
H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation
5525 NE Scout Camp Rd
Osceola, MO 64776-9000