Advancement Guide

Rank advancement can be accomplished at home, in meetings and in virtual meetings. Here's what a scout needs to do:

  1. Review your scout book or the rank requirements below and decide on a rank requirement you'd like to master.
  2. Read the requirement carefully then read the section of the Scout Book pertaining to the requirement. All the instruction you need to complete rank requirements are contained in the Scout Book. Do not ask for a review for a requirement until you have completed #1 and #2.
  3. Need some help mastering a requirement? Ask for help form an older scout, an adult leader, a parent or guardian or, with your parent's permission, visit the videos or pages listed to the right for help.
  4. Ready to show that you have mastered a requirement? Ask an adult leader (other than your parent or guardian) to review your skills and sign off in your book. This can be done at a meeting or you can complete the Review Request Form to schedule a virtual review. If you have a virtual review, your advancement will be recorded by the leader and you'll have your book updated at a future meeting.

Rank Requirements

The links below are to worksheets for each advancement. The worksheets are from the US Scouting Service Project at a valuable resource for scouting information.




Second Class

First Class