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Post Campout Checklist

1. Dry your gear and get your clothes in the laundry. Hang up your sleeping bag, dry your boots, brush off and air-dry your tent if you were assigned to take it home. Do not leave wet clothes, tent or gear go unattended - it will be covered in mold or mildew in no time.

2. Take a shower! Bugs (ticks & chiggers especially), poison ivy and general stink are reason enough to get clean! Check for ticks, bites, blisters and scratches that might need attention.

3. First aid check: Treat any scratches, bites, rashes that you find in that shower. 

4. Check for ticks again. Ick. Have a parent do a tick check. If removed in first 24 hours you won't have to worry about lyme disease.

5. Drink some water. You're probably dehydrated.

6. Record advancement in your scout book or merit badge worksheets.